Responsive Team, High Quality, Competitive Price, Excellent Service & Idea For Your Branding

PT. JEOS CREATIVE INDUSTRY is a company engaged in the packaging and procurement of Point of Sales Materials (POSM) which has been established in 2012.

Our products consist of sheet, soft and hard packaging and POSM procurement such as T-Shirt, Uniform, Towel, Clock, Umbrella, Keychain, Bag, and many other promotional needs.

Our services in the packaging industry, and POSM procurement are based on years of experience and our seriousness in helping to create product ideas of every production and with high quality and on time delivery commitment.

Our motto is deliver
Best Quality, Best Price, Excellent Service, and Creative Ideas” we are confident of providing a long and responsible working relationship in order to build a mutual advantage between us and our customers.

If you have any questions about the products you need, PLEASE ask us, and we READY give creative ideas to meet YOUR needs!