Design Expertise

Equipped with experience in the field of image settings and product design, we are confident to provide the best ideas for all our clients.

Idea and Design

With our experience in the field of concepts and ideas, we will do our best to help our clients, in developing the idea of products that our clients need.

Free Consultation

With all our heart, we will serve every question of our prospective clients, so that what the complaints and obstacles in their products can be overcome.

Reasonable Price

The prices that we provide are competitive prices, but not apart we will still refer to the needs of clients, the costs can be set according to the wishes of the client.

Guaranteed Works

Every product we process, refers to after-sales service ie warranty, which has become part of our company motto that is providing the best quality.

24 / 7 Support

Each of our production schedules refers to the agreed time, and we will always provide the fastest production time and keep referring to the quality of production and we are ready to help if there is an urgent order.

All About Printing

Packaging is an essential part of a product. And packaging can determine the purchasing power of a product. Therefore Jeos Creative Industry present provide solutions in developing the packaging of a product, whether it is pre-existing packaging or packaging with a new concept.
With a high commitment in providing production services and timeliness in packaging delivery, and also that is not less important is the very competitive price that we provide.

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All About Garment

Garment products, is a product that can sell a brand where the brands listed on garment products will attract every eye that sees it.
With years of experience in the garment of clothing and handbags, Jeos Creative Garment is now a step easier for clients to help promote a product’s brand. Supported by our experienced workforce ready to provide good service, timely and very competitive price.

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All About Promotion Product

Promotional products are the products that determine the development of a brand, with a lot of competition is certainly in demand that a company can provide promotional products that attract the attention of buyers.
Jeos Creative, since 2007 has started the business of producing promotional products needed by a company. So with our years of experience, we are ready to give you a Fresh, Creative, and Update concept, and supported by our designers and concepts will give you the best solution. With commitment of delivery time, good product, and very competitive price we will give.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Production

When there is an offer request from our prospective clients, either by phone or email, we are very ready to serve. And we are also very happy to have a meeting with our potential clients. Because by meeting with prospective clients, we will know what their needs are, and every meeting with clients is important in our business, therefore we are always here to provide solutions according to the needs of our clients.

After we have a meeting and agreement with our prospective clients, we will study and analyze our clients’ wishes, so that we can pour in designing ideas from the wishes of our potential clients. And after the design is accepted we will also provide the concept of products to suit the needs of our clients, where the concept that we will use in the design and manufacture of product samples.

This is the strength of our company, which is designing product samples, as a production reference, on this side that determines the seriousness of us and our clients, that all the desires and needs of our clients, we make the design and we make a sample of products according to the wishes and needs of our clients.

With all our heart, mind and time, we will produce products that have been agreed. Not apart from professional and systematic work system, we will control all our production quality. So what our clients receive, is the best production.


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